ACAF's - New Product Range

19 June 2015

Introducing the next generation of foam suppression, Automatic Compressed Air Foam (ACAF) systems for protection of vehicle’s and electrical transformers.

Fire Protection Technologies is expanding there foam suppression product range to include the next generation of foam fire suppression systems known as ACAF’s.

Vehicle Engine Compartment Applications

Fires have the potential to occur in just about every type of vehicle engine compartment ranging from a below engine pool fire to a pressurised hydraulic line spray fire or combination thereof.

Engine compartments contain variety of potential ignition sources from electrical to superheated engine surfaces. Additionally, an engine compartment suppression agent must also be capable of dealing with suppression in turbulent conditions.
It is critical that these fires be detected and suppressed rapidly to minimise property loss and potentially human lives. CrossFire, the new technically advanced ACAF single-agent dual-action CAF - CAF mist suppression system has been developed and designed to perform this task.


Pre-Engineered Compressed Air Foam Systems for Electrical Transformer Protection

Protection of electrical transformers often requires large volumes of water, expensive water tanks and high capacity pumps, which all combine to make a medium or high velocity deluge protection system an expensive option.
Now with the Factory Mutual approved Compressed Air Foam (CAF) from ACAF, the protection of indoor or outdoor transformer bays is much more economical.
ACAF Systems model SC series is an automatic pre-engineered, self-contained, stored energy-type fire suppression system that uses CAF as the fire suppression agent. Unique to the industry, it requires no water supply but rather creates a unique CAF: a non-toxic, biodegradable foam, from a pre-mixed foam water solution. Nitrogen is used under pressure to create the CAF as well as to power the system. Control of the system is maintained by a specially designed Automatic CAF Generator that upon activation creates CAF. The result is an expanded foam material that consists of small uniform bubbles.
Click here for the data sheet on Protection of Electrical Transformers