Proudly Sponsoring 2014 Tunnel Safety & Fire Protection Conference

08 April 2014

Ensuring safety across the tunnel lifecycle With many new infrastructure developments across Australia, it is crucial to ensure high standards of safety within one of the most dangerous elements of infrastructure – tunnels. This conference will examine strategies to comply with safety requirements throughout the lifecycle of the tunnel, including design, construct, operations and maintenance. As well as a discussion of pre-emptive safety strategies, this conference will explore how to design and implement an emergency management plan in the case of an incident.

Underground transport facilities are sensitive links in the economic chain that carry thousands of people and tons of goods every day and they are increasingly more important to society. A breakdown in operations can have catastrophic consequences, hence the need for comprehensive safety precautions and ensuring that the design, installation and maintenance of these systems is of the highest standard. By far the greatest risk is an uncontrolled fire as fires represent great danger to life due to toxic combustion gases, high temperatures and loss of visibility. In addition, the limited means of escape available together with panic reactions spell disaster for any tunnel operator and the future viability of the transport facility.

Protection of Tunnels

The protection of people against fire and other risks is one of the major tasks of tunnel designers and operators. Furthermore, the closing of a tunnel for days, weeks or even months after a fire incident can create huge economic losses not only for the operator but also for society as a whole. Intensive research work over the last decade has shown that commonly applied fire protection concepts for tunnels may not provide a sufficient level of safety. Smoke ventilation systems are designed to deal with a specific, limited fire size. Passive fire protection is designed to withstand the effects of fires for a limited time only. It is now accepted that there is a more important need to provide protection for people that may be trapped and trying to escape the smoke and flames. The logical and most effective way to provide suitable protection for tunnels and its users is to install fixed fire fighting systems (FFFS) to mitigate the effects of fires. FOGTEC Tunnel Protection Systems are state of the art Water Mist Systems combining results of latest research work with the reliability of long term tested components.

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