Project News: Flemington Sydney Markets

13 October 2015

The Sydney Growers market, provides a daily outlet for 394 growers to sell their own fruit, vegetable and herbs grown and harvested on their farms with the Sydney area

The Gowers Market has been located at the Historic Sydney Markets since 1975 and is now the premier growers market in New South Wales, playing a vital role in the Australian central market system. Providing customers a one-stop-shop for an extensive range of fresh and exotic produce.

The day-to-day continued operation of the market is reliant upon, the adequate protection of the infrastructure responsible for the production of power to run the facility. Existing gaseous suppression systems installed throughout the facility were proving to be problematic and very costly.  When trying to achieve risk integrity and maintain conformity with relevant Australian standards was an issue due to the high leakage rates within these enclosures.

To date the markets have commissioned  two Vortex 1500 zoned systems to replace existing gaseous systems in the main sub-stations and transformer bays, with several more systems are planned before the end of 2015 for the remaining critical facilities on site. 

VORTEX 1500 zoned systems were installed to reduce the spatial requirements of the system hardware. The design scenario for a zoned system deploys one central bank of nitrogen cylinders and VORTEX zone panels to divert the agent to the risk in alarm.