Product News: Fognail

14 October 2015

The Waterfog fognail offers superior results when fighting fires where the seat of the fire is difficult to access, e.g. in partition walls, roofs, attics and double floors.

It can also be used to good effect to create demarcation lines and to cool fire gases before attack and ventilation. Efficient extinguishing – low water consumption.


Much faster extinguishing

By using several Fognails this new technique will help firemen get quicker control of the fire. Since you don’t have to open doors or windows or make a hole the in the roof, you will not get unwanted oxygen supply, which would increase the intensity of the fire.

The extinguishing will be fast thanks to the atomized fog getting to the hottest part of the fire. The atomized drops mean that nearly all the water vapourises. The more water that is vapourised – the faster and more effective the extinguishing.

Water damage is highly reduced

When atomized water is directed into the hottest part of the fire, almost complete and instant vapourisation occurs.  Every fog jet uses only 70 litres of water a minute at 8 bar water pressure or 90 litres at 40 bar. The very fast extinguishing combined with a low water consumption reduces the water damage to an absolute minimum.