Fire New Zealand

19 January 2015

Recently Fire Protection Technologies attended Fire New Zealand in Wellington showcasing a range of fire detection products, including the new Insight Robotic Computer Vision Wildfire Camera, our Siginfire Video Imaging Detection camera and Rezontech Flame Detectors.

Insight Robotic Computer Vision Wildfire Camera:
It can detect and locate wood or vegetation based fires as small as an area of 2m x 1m with a 5km radius, covering up to 78.5km2 of forest area. It provides accurate real time images and locations to control centers where computer or manual analysis can be performed and prompt action can be taken.

Signifire Video Imaging Detection:
VID cameras can see and recognise smoke and flames overlooking large spaces at great distances, while providing video surveillance capabilities as a bonus. They will detect fire in seconds, supply vital situational awareness in the form of live video to remotely located guards, trigger fire alarms, and provide a vast amount of pre-recorded video forensic evidence for future fire investigations.

Flame Detection:
Operate in the harshest environmental conditions and offer a solution for virtually any application where there is a fire risk to personnel and high value plant and capital equipment.

The RFD-3000x model is an innovative new range of flame detector from Rezontech Co. It is a triple IR band type flame detector which detects the unique spectral pattern of infrared light emitted upon combustion of hydrocarbons.