Fire Protection For Aviation Equipment

14 October 2015

Business continuity is essential when running an airport, as well as the heightened requirement for security, requires only the best fire protection systems.

Considering the range of fire risks that are present within an airport scenario, engineered solutions specific to each risk are a must.

Gaseous suppression systems such as NOVEC 1230, FM-200 and ProInert IG-541 are a perfect fit for protecting fire risks that are present at airports. Fire Protection Technologies have provided gaseous suppression systems for multiple airports within Australia, protecting Electrical rooms, communication rooms, MLS rooms, Balt rooms and server rooms. We have supplied over 2000kg of Novec 1230 are protecting risks in Australian airports as well as another 18 cylinders of ProInert IG-55 with future systems scheduled to be supplied for a range of different locations.

As well as suppling 6% AFFF foam concentrates to the airport fire brigade for the protection of airport equipment such as vehicle fire suppression systems in engine bays.

In addition to providing the ProInert Fire Suppression systems for the Adelaide and Melbourne Air Traffic Control Towers and other gaseous systems for the various electrical rooms, Fire Protection Technologies have provided wet chemical systems to provide protection for the large number of commercial restaurants throughout the terminals.