Fire Protection Technologies Protects Australia’s Largest Data Centre

21 March 2014

Fire Protection Technologies protects Australia’s largest Data Centre in Sydney with their ProInert Inert Gaseous Extinguishing System.

The Fike ProInert system, due to their constant flow valve technology was selected to protect the Next DC Data Centre facilities around Australia. The decision to use the ProInert technology was an easy one due to the proven performance of the constant flow valve technology which has been on the market for 7 plus years. The benefit of the ProInert system has meant a single low pressure main could be run throughout the building with directional valves at each level. This design feature was capable due to the Fike ProInert constant flow valve meaning that installation time and money was saved compared to running separate mains from the cylinder bank to each risk on each floor. The other advantage with the constant flow valve technology was the reduced amount of pressure relief venting for each data hall. Having a constant flow valve technology installed has meant the free vent area needed to reduce discharge pressures could be reduced by 1/3 when compared to the older orifice based inert gas technology.

So far the Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth facilities have been successfully commissioned with the Fike ProInert system. With the S1 (Sydney) facility boasting the biggest inert gaseous extinguishing system in Australia with over 600+ (300bar) ProInert cylinders installed.