FireBoy is back in Australia

18 June 2015

We are happy to announce that Fire Protection Technologies are the sole distributor for Fireboy in Australia. What better way to reintroduce the innovative product range other than to take it to the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and relaunch the product to boat owners and builders alike.

Of all the perils at sea, one of the most dangerous is fire. Difficult to deal with and potentially deadly, fire leaves the crew and passengers caught between two unforgiving elements. There’s no local fire department to call. It’s up to the crew to control the fire. Fire-fighting at sea and on water is especially demanding. The complexity of design and component requirement of a traditional marine CO2 system is there to achieve system safety, however, the results of an accidental discharge can be catastrophic.
Today’s modern ‘Clean Agents’ are approved worldwide for use in ‘Occupied’ spaces, however even with these safe chemicals, similar design rules have to be maintained to comply with IMO SOLAS requirements. Just replacing the chemical agent will not only have a profound effect on safety, but will also increase the cost of the total system overall system.
Every second counts when a fire occurs on-board. Clean Agent systems reach extinguishing levels in less than 10 seconds. Since even a few seconds can mean the difference between survival and a life destroying catastrophic fire, changing to the Fireboy FES system could give you a crucial margin of safety. That’s why you need a fast, people-safe and effective fire suppressant: Clean Agent Waterless Fire Protection from Fireboy-Xintex.
The ‘Fireboy’ Electrically Released FES System provides the perfect choice for both new builds and refits and is currently the system of choice for many Commercial and Super yacht builders around the world. With the ability to eliminate a vast amount of industrial components the advantages in both weight and cost are evident.

Feature Benefits
  •   Safe for personnel
  •   Reduced component count
  •   Reduced piping
  •   Reduced weight
  •   Reduced nozzle count
  •   Electrically activated with manual back-up
  •   Ease of installation
  •   Cost effective replacement for CO2
  •   System monitor integration
  •   Multiple discharge panel facility
  •   Lower stored pressure
NOVEC 1230™

Novec 1230™(C6 Fluroketone) Fire Protection Fluid is a second generation clean agent gaseous suppression system. Novec 1230™ is a chemical agent used primarily in total flooding systems and is the most environmentally benign of all the chemical agents.

FM-200® (HFC-227ea) Clean Agent fire extinguishing systems are the most widely used of all the halocarbon gaseous agents, and is universally accepted as the best agent used to replace Halon 1301.


Ideal for boats with engine rooms up to 48 cubic meters in size, this series has an automatic discharge feature with an optional manual discharge, when used with a Fireboy Manual Discharge Cable, which is sold separately. Vertical or horizontal mounting is allowed.
MA2 Series:
  •   Automatic discharge with optional manual discharge when used with a Fireboy Manual Discharge Cable
  •   Engine rooms up to 48 cubic meters
  •   Vertical or horizontal mounting allowed
  •   HFC-227ea
Fireboy High-Temperature Manual Discharge Cables allow for the manual discharge of an MA2 or GA Series system when smoke or flames are detected and meet the U.S. Coast Guard flame-test guidelines. Determine the length of cable needed by measuring from the extinguisher head to the desired location where the red T-handle can be easily pulled. Use the shortest allowable cable when possible. Maximum allowed bending of the cable (in degrees) should not exceed 360° and should be taken into consideration when selecting the cable length.


The Fireboy GA Series is a patented, pre-engineered total-flooding fire extinguishing system designed to protect larger boats with engine rooms from 42.5 cubic meters to 85 cubic meters. Each system requires twin extinguisher cylinders, flexible braided stainless-steel hosing, two overhead temperature sensors, fire-resistant manual release cables, and an engine shutdown.
Four temperature sensors monitor the engine room temperature 24 hours per day.  Two of the temperature sensors are located on the manifold blocks of the cylinders. The remaining two temperature sensors are installed above the engines and are linked to the extinguisher cylinders with 1/4” stainless steel flexible hosing. When the engine room temperature reaches 79°C at any of the four temperature sensors, the system will completely discharge the clean agent HFC-227ea (Heptafluoropropane) in less than 10 seconds to successfully extinguish the fire. No powder or residue is left behind. The GA Series is approved by the U.S.C.G. up to 2000 cu’ on inspected vessels and up to 3000 cu’ on recreational craft. Factory Mutual, RINA, Bureau Veritas and CE certified.
GA Series:
  •   Two-cylinder system for larger vessels with engine rooms from 42.5 cubic meters to 85 cubic meters
  •   Cylinders are linked with flexible, braided stainless-steel hosing allowing for a near simultaneous   discharge of both cylinders
  •   Requires the installation of Manual Discharge Cables
  •   Vertical mounting only
  •   HFC-227ea only
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