Flame Detector Roll Out to Service Stations

02 December 2015

Fire Protection Technologies had successfully worked together with a local consulting firm to specify suitable flame detectors for a large fuel outlet chain.  

The Spectrex 40/40 series detector was chosen for its outstanding performance credentials and reliable and predictable operation.  The Aluminium cased detector is very robust and accurate and provides swift detection of the presence of a gasoline flame, thereby transmitting an alarm to the Fire Indicator panel.  This enables a fire response to be deployed and shutdown of various systems at the fuel outlet facility to maintain site safety for staff and customers.
Environmental factors such as, vehicle lighting, reflecting sunlight and temperature extremes meant that a suitable detection unit was required.
The triple infrared spectral flame detection unit is equipped to handle these types of scenarios with ease.  Boasting a wide temperature range of -55°C to +75°C with built in heated optics and a wide 100° field of view.  The Spectrex triple IR was configured to pick up a 0.3m² flame at 15 meters away within 5 seconds, negating the need to wait for smoke or heat to reach the detector.
This high quality product will continue to be rolled out in the New Year on many more fuel outlets, further cementing its status as the leading product in its class.