Fluorine Free Foams New to Fire Protection Technologies

23 June 2014

Fire Protection Technologies strive to maintain and develop our product lines to meet the changing needs of industry and market segments. We are proud to announce our newest product partnership with leading Swedish foam Manufacturer Dafo Fomtec AB.

Fomtec are an independent European, manufacturer of Fire Fighting foams and equipment, who, like Fire Protection Technologies has built a reputation on strong customer values and innovative product solutions to suit specialty applications.

As such the product portfolio available from Fomtec results from continuous research, and development and takes into consideration new regulations, new demands, and new risk applications.  This leads to a strong and varied selection of products with different performance levels and certifications to meet all special hazard applications.

Fluorinated Foams

Importantly as environmental issues are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s industry, Fire Protection Technologies believe that it is essential to provide customers with products that have a very low impact on the environment. The Fomtec range of Fire foam concentrates optimise the environmental profile of their products without compromising performance.  This includes formulations for fluorinated foams based on a new generation of fluoro-surfactants and C6 chemistry.

Fluorine free foams

Fire Protection Technologies offer a range of Fomtec Fluorine free foam concentrates that have many qualities above and beyond what is currently available to market including;

  • Superior performance capabilities
  • Unique chemistry base 
  • Lower toxicity levels
  • Low environmental impact

Fomtec are at the forefront of research and development concerning fluorine foams and Fire Protection Technologies deem this partnership central to achieving superior quality foam suppression products as part of our range.


Included in the portfolio is a wide range of foam equipment for fire fighting professionals of municipal fire brigades, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical Industries, oil & gas, marine and aviation.

The selection of water and foam equipment includes;

  • Foam chambers
  • Foam makers
  • Proportioning skids
  • Bladder tanks
  • Fast response fire fighting trailers
  • Water and foam hydrants
  • Pressure regulating valves
  • Post indicator valve assemblies (PIVA)
  • Proportioners
  • Monitors
  • Hoses
  • Cabinets

All of these products have proven reliability and have been tested under the most extreme conditions.
For further information on any of the above listed product range please contact Ashley Norton, Foam Suppression Product Manager.