FPT Provides Protection for the Joint Strike Fighter

15 September 2016

Australia’s new frontline F35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters may be years late and billions over budget, but when they do arrive they will be housed at a state of the art Air Force base and protected by Fire Protection Technologies

The Government has announced an extra $274 million in upgrades to the Williamtown RAAF Base north of Newcastle, where 58 of the 72 fighters already ordered will be based, with plans to order 28 more, giving Australia 100 of the planes
FPT’s  FireDos water driven foam concentrate proportioning device will be at the heart of the foam fire protection systems to be installed within the new hangars being built to house the new aircraft.  A 15,000 litre per minute FireDos unit will provided which is completely water driven and provides accurate proportioning over a wide range of flow conditions.