Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire

25 March 2014

The Hazelwood coal mine fire has been burning for over 40 days, it broke out on the 9th of February and was started by a grass fire. Fire Protection Technologies (FPT) have been heavily engaged with the Victorian CFA to assist with the logistics of maintaining the supply of Class A Fire Fighting foam to the site over this period.

Whilst supply of Class A Foam to the CFA through the Victorian Fire Season is a yearly event, the Hazelwood incident has seen our Class A Foam (Chemguard First Class), being used in both ground attack and aerial applications due to its proven unique wetting abilities, which are beneficial in this type of fire.

The increased application has seen a significant increase of stock required to be used on the Fire Ground, Fire Protection Technologies has supplied over 113,640 litres of foam so far. In-turn additional co-ordinated international logistics have been facilitated to cope with the increase demand throughout the event, including 15-20 extra shipments. At the Hazelwood coal mine site another coal fire has been burning for over 20 years. The Mine’s management team have now decided to address this fire because of the increase firefighting resources onsite. The effectiveness of the foam in the new fire has led to the team to apply the same successful methods to the pre-existing fire.