High Pressure Water Mist Fire Test Summaries

14 June 2017

When considering high pressure water mist system applications, knowing the correct system design criteria is a key element in the success of these systems. There are many variables to consider during the initial design and pricing phase of a system. How we choose the correct system nozzle type, spray flux density, flow rates, orientation and application times, has always been very closely guarded, until now.

Fire Protection Technologies are pleased to announce that we can now provide complete and in depth “Fire Test Summary” reports for all system and nozzle design applications for the FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist systems.

These reports are available on a case by case request and provide  a detailed risk synopsis, system set up, system testing, evaluation and approval criteria.
We believe that this information will not only offer a high level of comfort to the consultant and end user alike, but will also prove the efficiency and effectiveness of high pressure water mist applications on a wide and varied fire test base.

Complete list of fire test summaries available are:

Industrial deep fat fryer application
Kitchen fryer application
Computer room application IMO OH1 room application
IMO OH1 room application for great ceiling heights                
IMO OH3 room application
CEN OH1 room application (70 bar system)
VdS OH1 room application (60 bar system)
VdS OH1 false floor and false ceiling application (60 bar system)
VdS OH1 room application with sidewall nozzles (60 bar system)
IMO OH1 room application with sidewall nozzles

Laboratory application                             
IMO OH2 parking garage application (60 bar system)

Theatres application
VdS Flammable liquid store and production application
Paper archive application
VdS OH3 storage application (60.bar system)
CEN cable tunnel application
Engine space application
Engine test cell application
Conveyor belt protection
Water mist curtains
VdS transformer local protection appiication
Transformer local protection application
Escalator application
Vds machinery local protection application

For the complete report please email Barry Farrell our Product Manager