Hush Nozzle

19 December 2016

THE SAFE, QUIET ALTERNATIVE FOR INERT GAS FIRE PROTECTION Inert gas systems are the safe, environmentally sound way of extinguishing a fire. But with the increasing complexity and sensitivity of data centre equipment, there is concern that the noise associated with a system discharge may cause damage to hard-disk drives. Fike’s PROINERT2 inert gas extinguishing system, already more quiet than standard systems, takes it one step further with the Hush Nozzle.

The Hush Nozzle is designed to muffle the PROINERT2 system discharge … preserving the best results in data centre fire protection. Due to its patented valve assembly, PROINERT2’s agent enters a room within the industry required 60 seconds, but at a steady flow rate, preventing destructive turbulence and lowering the discharge noise. The patent-pending Hush Nozzle attaches directly to the piping network, lowering the decibel level by a factor of 2.5 from standard nozzles, further protecting those high sensitivity equipment areas.