High Pressure Water Mist Installation for Tavistock Place Substation

30 September 2014

Fire Protection Technologies have recently completed the successful design, delivery and discharge test of a Fogtec High Pressure Water Mist System to protect three transformer bays at Tavistock Place, Melbourne.

Having recognised the major benefits associated with the high pressure, low flow design characteristics of the high pressure water mist systems, utility companies’ nationwide are now specifying these systems to be installed to protect critical facilities similar to Tavistock place.

High pressure water mist systems provide a higher level of fire extinguishment for Class B Hydrocarbon fuels using much less water when compared to conventional low pressure water deluge systems.

Key benefits:
  •     Extensive / radiant heat attenuation
  •     Efficient extinguishment of Class B Hydrocarbon spray and pool fires
  •     Inerting effect occurs locally at the fire source
  •     Easy to retrofit into existing facilities
  •     Smaller footprint required (less infrastructure)
  •     Lower water demand & storage requirements
  •     Negligible damage to site and assets, using less water
  •     No requirement for enclosed space
  •     Low maintenance costs