Hydramist Kitchen Suppression

07 April 2015

The Hydramist Kitchen Suppression System has achieved major advancements in nozzle application and coverage during recent LPCB testing.

During this recent testing to LPS1223, Hydramist were able to extend the existing nozzle design coverage and prove that test fires could be extinguished using nozzles with a reduced flow. The end result of this new round of testings saw a 50% increase in system efficiency making the 15 (A)MPU even more cost effective.
Hydramist are launching a new product line in New Zealand specifically for the Custodial Market. The modular and fixed hose reel custodial systems have proven to be efficient and effective within correctional facilities throughout the UK and will certainly improve life safety conditions in a real fire scenario.
Class A fires generate significant heat release rates and the Hydramist Sauna Protection system has proven to be most effective in extinguishing these types of fires in the UK & Europe and is now available in Australia and New Zealand.
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