Hydramist Testing in Taipei

18 June 2015

In March Hydramist and Fire Protection Technologies successfully conducted a live fire test on a Class B flammable liquid fire to simulate a fat fryer fire which may occur in commercial kitchens. Fire extinguishment was achieved within 10 seconds of system activation highlighting the benefits and effectiveness of Hydramist over Class B fires.

Howard Tomlin, Hydramist International Business Development Manager and Ron Cromb visited our local distributor Rihsi Fire Protection Company in Taipei to conduct a full days training course for the technical requirements and design overview of a Hydramist Water Mist Kitchen Suppression System. The Rihsi Fire Protection Company built a fully functional Hydramist system within their warehouse facility that included an old deep fat fryer. This site was used to conduct the fire test, where the deep fat fryer was filled with fuel and ignited, after a pre-burn time the system was activated and successfully extinguished the fire within seconds.

Attendees of the fire test included The Chairman, CFO, Executive Chief Editor and Honorary Chairman of The National Association of Fire Protection Engineer R.O.C as well as the Assistant GM and Sales Engineers from Taiwan Shin Jong Security Company. The local fire authority also attended the live fire test. All in attendance were impressed with the rapid knockdown and suppression of the fire using very small quantities of water and appreciated the fact that no lengthy clean-up was required. Following the discharge the system was reset and ready for used again within 10 minutes.

Seeing the system set up and operating made understanding the technical requirements of the system a lot easier, all the attendees left with a solid understanding of both the technical aspects and functionality of the system.

For further information on Hydramist Kitchen Suppression Systems click here or email Barry Farrel, Water Mist Product Specialist.