Hydramist Undergoes CSIRO Testing

15 September 2016

In June 2016 the Hydramist Mobile 8.0 High Pressure Portable Water Mist Hose Reel was subjected to comparative testing against a conventional low pressure fire hose reel.

The testing was conducted and documented by the CSRIO at their North Ryde fire testing facility in NSW with a very challenging test fire scenario.

The purpose of the testing was to compare the performance of each product for levels of fire suppression and Fractional Effective Dosing (FED) of the various toxic products of combustion.
The tests revealed that the Hydramist High Pressure Watermist was far superior to the conventional fire hose reel in rapidly reducing the fire temperature and that of the surrounding enclosure and limiting combustion to a minimum.  In addition it was shown that the ability of the watermist to “wash” the atmosphere of toxic combustion products to provide survivability for personnel who may be exposed was exceptional.  The FED results proved that survival in an enclosure subjected to fire was likely if the fire was fought with a Hydramist hosereel.
The Hydramist Water Mist Hose Reel provided a greater level of suppression using only 7 L/M of water which is 10 times less water than the tested Fire  Hose Reel which was flowing 66 L/M.  It should be noted that the usual flow rate of a fire hose reel is around 20 litres per minute so the performance of the Hydramist hosereel is all that more impressive.
The overall results of the testing demonstrate once again how effective water mist is at absorbing the energy associated with high heat release rate (HRR) fires and its ability to scrub hot/toxic gas emissions in a fire scenario.
A full CSIRO test report is available upon request.