Kitchen Fire Suppression System

14 June 2016

Elliots Fire & Safety Services recently completed the installation of a Badger Rangeguard Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression System at the new “Smokey Den” restaurant in Point Cook Shopping Centre. 

As part of the fire safety plan of the centre a specialised kitchen suppression system was required to be installed. An aqueous wet chemical system was installed protecting the griddles, grilles, fryers, range burners, hood filters and extraction ductwork. AS 3772 identifies that these kitchen components can house fuel in depth causing a fire to easily propagate through extraction ductwork to other parts of the building. These particular wet chemical systems are designed specifically for challenging kitchen fires which are high risk locations due to fuels sources and ignition points present in the one area. In the United States it is mandatory to install a UL 300 approved wet chemical system to protect any commercial kitchen as the United States authorities recognised the inherent risk kitchens have with their fuel load and ignition sources. The Badger Range Guard system is UL 300 approved meaning it has been tested in accordance with the stringent UL 300 fire tests and passed successfully.

The challenge was set for Elliots Fire & Safety Services to install this pre-engineered system before the kitchen was operational. With their experience fitter James Cochrane the system was installed and commissioned in 3 days. The system was challenging with 2 x 6.0 Gallon cylinders, 2 pipe networks to install plus a fusible link detection line. The system was installed with great workmanship and commissioned successfully first time round. We commend Murray Elliot and the team at Elliots Fire & Safety Services for doing a great job under challenging conditions and a challenging time frame.