LNG Plant - Foam Suppression Installation

07 April 2015

Fire Protection Technologies is currently engaged to supply 4 skid mounted FireDos proportioning systems completed with customised stainless steel tanks as part of the protection system for the 100m2 LNG drainage pits situated at the Santos Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant trains 1 and 2.

To adequately protect the pits in the event of an LNG liquid spill or fire scenario, high expansion foam is applied as a vapour containment and boil off control medium. The application of high expansion foam on this occasion is achieved with two WP18000 Chemguard high expansion generators also supplied as part of the package by Fire Protection Technologies.

FireDos FD 2500 foam proportioning pump skids were chosen on this occasion for their simplicity in being able to provide a 2% foam solution to the high expansion generators with no external power sources. The FireDos FD2500 is completely water driven and easily integrated into tight existing plant areas.
For further information regarding the FireDos range contact Ashley Norton, Foam product manager.