NBN ProInert Installation

19 January 2015

Fire Protection Technologies installed a ProInert IG-55 Gaseous suppression system to protect the NBN Satellites across 10 sites Australia wide, including sites as remote as Burke.

Over 180 ProInert IG-55 cylinders were installed to protect each site. The scope of works stated that each system had to be pre-engineered in kit form and delivered to site, including the cylinder racks, cylinders and all pipe and fittings because the sites were so remote. Allowing Walker Fire to efficiently and cost effectively install the systems at their remote locations.

The system was specifically designed to achieve a 30 minute retention time as the facilities are remotely located. The retention time is necessary as it allows the local fire services time to respond to an incident. Venting provided a challenge because of the security requirements for the site, so specially designed security grill pressure relief vents were manufactured and installed on each site.

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