New Impulse Valve Operator Supervisor

14 October 2015

New Impulse Valve Operator Supervisor Technology Complies with Australian Standards 

For the first time a Fire Suppression System complies completely with the Australian Standard AS ISO 14520 with the release of the new Impulse Valve Operator Supervisor which monitors the position on the actuator on the gas fire suppression cylinder.
Clause of As ISO 14520 states “Any condition that inhibits the discharge of the extinguishing agent shall cause the ‘EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM INOPERATIVE’ visual warning device to illuminate”. Up until now, no extinguishing system is able to confirm that that the system actuator is actually installed on the fire suppression cylinder. Obviously if the actuator is not installed on the cylinder, (perhaps removed for maintenance) the system is inoperable.
When the IVOS is coupled with the Impulse Valve Operator (IVO), which is UL Listed, FM Approved and ULC Listed, the system can be configured and a fault can be detected on the Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE) when the IVO is removed. Complying with the Australian Standard AS ISO 14520 for Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems.
For more information about the IVOS or IVO please contact your local Fire Protection Technologies representative.