Press Release

04 September 2019

Fire Protection Technologies is recognised throughout Australia, New Zealand and Australasia as the leading independent supplier of special hazard products, technical and engineering services.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have finalised the sale of the business of Fire Protection Technologies Group to Pon Holdings BV. 

Pon Holdings are headquartered in The Netherlands and are a multi-faceted organisation with over 14,000 employees in 90 companies in 31 countries.

Pon present an enormous opportunity for the expansion and development of the Fire Protection Technologies Group. 

There will be no change to the business and its structure, with the new ABN being 69 634 309 461.

The Directors believe this partnership is great fit for the organisation and will provide security well into the future, broadening the scope of our activities for the overall benefit of all concerned.

Yours Sincerely
Patrick Harrington, Ron Cromb, Anthony Stagg