ProInert® IG-541 Agent

07 October 2014

Fire Protection Technologies are supplying ProInert 300 bar systems with IG-541 (commonly referred to as Inergen) as the inert gas agent. There have been many installations across the country.

IG-541 is a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas with a density approximately the same as air. IG-541 is stored as pressurised gas within the cylinder assembly. It is available at storage pressures of 200 bar and 300 bar. When discharged into a protected space, IG-541 is clear and does not obscure vision. It leaves no residue and has zero ozone depleting potential and zero global warming potential.

Features & Benefits
  •   Natural gas present in the atmosphere
  •   Suitable for occupied areas
  •   No toxic or corrosive decomposition products from agent
  •   Colorless, odorless, compressed gas
  •   Stored as a gas
  •   Fogging does not occur when agent is discharged
  •   Electrically non-conductive
  •   No residue to clean up after discharge
  •   Zero ozone depleting potential
  •   Zero global warming potential
  •   Included on the U.S. EPA Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) rules

Extinguishing Method – IG-541

IG-541 extinguishes a fire by reducing the residual oxygen concentration to a level that will no longer support combustion.