Melbourne’s Citylink Upgrades Fire Detection System

11 July 2017

Melbourne’s Burnley and Domain tunnels first opened in December 2000 with a “state of the art” fibre optic fire detection system that automatically directed the water deluge system to the section of the tunnel where a fire was burning.

In the ensuing 17 years since the original installation, the technology associated with fibre optic fire detection systems has advanced significantly enough that the tunnel operators, Citylink, determined that an upgrade was in the best interests of the travelling public.  Of course, Citylink turned to Fire Protection Technologies and Lios Technology GmbH to design and supply the new fire detection system. 
The Lios DE.TECT fibre optic heat detection was first introduced in 1997 and is now in it’s 4th generation of product development.  Specifically developed for fast, efficient and pinpoint fire detection in road and rail tunnels, it has revolutionised the safety standard in underground transport facilities as it enables the complete monitoring of the entire length of the tunnel simultaneously.