Protecting Hospitals Across Australia

02 December 2015

Fire Protection Technologies continues to be heavily involved with Health Services across Australia with a range of system installations being used to protect helicopter landing pads, key communications equipment rooms, telecom rooms, data and server rooms, MRI and other medical scanning facilities.

These rooms are integral to the operation of every hospital and the continuity of patient care.
When choosing the system that best suits the risk customers should consider system approvals along with long term reliability and the long term cost of ownership.
During the design phase Fire Protection Technologies can easily provide advice on system layout and gas flow calculations. Refining concept designs and solutions may also be necessary for some of the more specialised risks in the different sections of the hospital building.
Having installed gaseous fire extinguishing systems in major hospitals in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria with over 400  ProInert Cylinders, FM-200 Cylinders and NOVEC1230 cylinders.  Fire Protection Technologies have the experience and the technical expertise to support and supply any hospital risk.
Our recent installations include:
Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth: 5 ProInert cylinders, new type IVO actuator
New Children’s Hospital Perth: 10 ProInert systems are installed throughout the facility, including the largest 32 cylinder system which was supplied to protect the Main Data and Server room
Epworth Hospital Melbourne: 2 x 650 lb FM-200 cylinders protecting the server room
Women’s & Children’s hospital Adelaide: Novec 1230 322 lb cylinder, server room
Royal Adelaide hospital: 4 systems, ProInert IG-55 (300 bar) Build with seismic constraints and all systems needed to be installed with flexi joints, primary & secondary server rooms as well as PABX 1 & 2