Switch Room Blast Vents: SHX Models

19 January 2015

At last we have a viable solution for relieving the pressure of Arc Blast explosion.

 The New HIGH-X 100 SHX:
  • 100% Efficient at 95.5 Pascal’s
  • Fully opens in less than 15 milliseconds
  • Performance Tests Verified By BRE
  • Blast Tested to 5 Bar
  • Fully Resettable
  • Full European and US Fire Test Approval
  • New Improved Design
  • Patent Pending

The explosive nature of an electric arc has been documented in a number of case studies. The intense heat from an arc flash causes sudden expansion of air resulting in a blast and the associated pressure waves and the resulting explosions rival that of explosive substances. Energies produced by arc flash explosions have been known to propel large objects such as switchboard doors, bus bars and personnel several metres at very high speeds. As an example of an arc blast, a 50kA arcing fault will produce a pressure of approximately 10 kPa, 1 metre from the arc location.
Download the Arc Explosion Pressure Relief for Switch Room Brochure here