Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Bio Reactor Facility

19 December 2016

A Bio-Reactor facility in central NSW has recently had 4 specialised thermal imaging fire detection cameras installed.  A large storage building over 10,000 m2 is constantly surveyed by 4 cameras over 72 detection zones to monitor for any unusual temperature conditions.

The cameras work by measuring the surface temperature of the target object instantaneously and provides instant notification if preset conditions are exceeded.
The entire system is centrally monitored which includes event recording and live images.  Control room operators can instantly view potential fires on any camera by touch screen control.  The thermal cameras can look through smoke to detect heat and can even detect heat sources over 120 meters away.
There are also 2 separate cameras protecting a waste bunker that activate water monitors when excessive heat is detected.  Testing and commissioning confirmed that an overheated metal plate was detected instantly at a distance of 40 meters away.  The nature of the protected areas means that there are no other types of heat detector that would work in this way. Thermal imaging cameras can detect excessive heat well before a fire occurs.