Understanding VORTEX Webinar

04 September 2015

VORTEX Hybrid Water Mist Technology has established itself as a viable and effective alternative to conventional fire protection methodologies here in Australia in a very short time. Engineers and end users alike have come to realise the major advantages that VORTEX offers over a wide range of applications across many industry sectors.  

Join our Water Mist Product Manager-Barry Farrell for an interactive webinar where he will discuss in-depth the technology behind VORTEX,  the various applications and the challenges that this hybrid technology has helped to overcome.
Attend this live and interactive webinar to;
  • Gain a better understanding on the many benefits that VORTEX has to offer.
  • Discuss real applications and the major buying decisions faced by customers across our industries
  • Realise the reduced whole of life cycle costs associated with Hybrid Technology.

This webinar is closed for presentation details please contact Barry Farrell

Date: Thursday 10th Sept
Time: 10am (Australian EST)
Duration: 30 mins (plus Q & A)