Vapour Mitigation In Oil Refineries

14 October 2015

Fire Protection Technology recently completed a large Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) vapour mitigation system at the Caltex oil refinery in Brisbane.

In conjunction with Akron Brass, we were engaged to supply and commissioning  an  Akron Brass Storm Monitor vapour mitigation system to control and/or mitigate the effect of HF vapour from any emergency release of HF from the plant.  The scope  of the water monitor mitigation system provides a water Wall /Curtin which surrounds  the refineries alkalisation unit , thus controlling and containing any such release.

On this occasion the system provided consisted  9 Programmable remote control Storm Monitors and 12 manual  Storm Brass monitors that can be used in a number of different configurations and pre-set automated spraying routines , as prescribed by risk analysis and HASOP identifications conducted by the refinery.

Each of the monitors  supplied has the capacity discharge 7,600 l/min per min and be used in wall/ fog orientation for release perimeter control, or jet/ straight stream for knock down of any HF stream created at the point of leak or release.  When operating at full capacity, the system will spray almost 160,000 litres of water as a fine spray to effectively absorb and HF that may be released.