VORTEX Goes To The Opera

11 July 2017

Sydney Opera House management in conjunction with Sydney based consulting engineers, Warren Smith & Partners, and Factory Mutual have identified eight (8) risk areas to be protected with a high pressure multi Zone VORTEX 1500 system.

The areas in question are predominantly higher hazard class A applications typical of electrical control rooms.  As a result of the unique construction of the Sydney Opera House, these areas proved extremely difficult to seal for traditional gas suppression systems, however VORTEX offered the perfect solution to this problem.

Due to spatial restrictions within the Opera House back of house areas, FPT designed and engineered an alternative Vortex application consisting of an initial VORTEX Cylinder bank located at ground level and a high pressure main  through the building.  This in turn connected to a dedicated Vortex Combination panel and water supply tank located outside each risk area on various levels.

When completed in late 2017, VORTEX will be providing state of the art fire protection for these critical areas at this most iconic venue.

The project is currently in the design phase with the successful contractor.
This will be the first high pressure multi zone VORTEX system of its kind in the world.
The Vortex system is available in three models, the Vortex 500, Vortex 1000 (which is fully Factory Mutual approved) and the Vortex 1500.