Vortex Installed in Canberra Data Centres

23 June 2014

Fire Protection Technologies will be protecting the new Canberra Data Centre Data pod facilities with our new Vortex 1500 system.

This installation will be a multi-zone system which will be spread out over 4 stages, during the next few months.

Vortex was chosen in lieu of conventional gaseous and watermist products because of its  unique blend of nitrogen and water which when combined in the right method provides a very homogeneous suspension of the two elements.
Vortex works by attacking all three sides of the fire triangle, by cooling the fire load,  superior heat absorption, localised oxygen displacement at the flame front and general oxygen reduction within the whole risk to less than 15% oxygen.
The system delivers around 1 litre of water per nozzle, which is discharged over a 3 min period, this is perfect for data centre applications.
The additive of water to the nitrogen agent negates the need for enclosure integrity testing, there are no requirement for annual fan integrity testing and there is no requirement for pressure relief venting.
Vortex ticks all the boxes for effectiveness, safety and reliability.

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