Vortex Newsflash

14 June 2016

Vortex Fire Suppression system saves New Zealand power plant

Earlier this year a Vortex 1500 fire suppression system comprising 54 nitrogen cylinders and 230 litres of water was installed in a New Zealand Power Station (above) to protect a 1745m3 Cable Basement. The management at the facility thanked their lucky stars (as well as their risk management planning) last month when the VORTEX system was called into action after a 65mm diameter High Voltage Cable exploded into flames. The Vortex system operated immediately, quickly suppressing the flames and extinguishing the fire, minimising any further damage on site. Downtime and business disruption was kept to a minimum as the management of the power station had wisely purchased a complete reserve bank of nitrogen cylinders and the VORTEX system was quickly reinstated, continuing to provide protection.


The VORTEX system storage room at Transpower’s Haywards power station