Waterview Tunnel New Zealand

30 March 2017

New Zealand’s largest road tunnel is nearing completion and is due to open shortly. The initial tunnelling project was started back in 2013 when “Alice”, the tunnel boring machine, started its journey underground. Today the 2.4km tunnels are near completion and the supporting structures have been fitted out with various fire protection systems which are in the final stages of commissioning and testing before the tunnel can be opened by the project’s client, the NZ Transport Agency.

Fire Protection Technologies have designed and supplied two Fike ProInert systems each with seven selector valves for the Northern and Southern Ventilation Buildings.  These ProInert suppression systems are protecting 28 electrical and electronic equipment areas in total from just two cylinder banks.

Fire Protection Technologies also supplied three Firedos Foam Skids complete with Stainless Steel Foam Concentrate tanks which protect various hydrocarbon sump areas.