• B9106 Explosion Protection

    Many industries in which combustible dusts or gases are handled risk the devastating effects of an explosion. The amount of heat liberated during an explosion creates extremely high pressures which can result in damaged process equipment, loss of production and serious injury to personnel. Leading insurance firms estimate the average direct costs of an explosion in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with many unprotected explosions leveling plants, or even closing businesses.

  • B9018 Explosion Protection Testing Services

    Fike offers a wide range of explosibility tests designed to assist companies in identifying and mitigating costly explosion hazards.Fike’s state-of-the-art testing laboratory is staffed with highly trained technicians, engineers, and combustion scientists. To assure proper execution and interpretation of the results, tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM and CEN standards.

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  • X.1.33.01 Explosion Protection System Services Options

    To mitigate against the threat of industrial explosions, Fike provides a wide range of explosion protection products and services to industry. From explosion testing, to explosion vents, suppression systems, and isolation systems, Fike has the strategies and tools to protect your plant from the devastation of process explosion. Purchasing and installing Fike Explosion Protection is a sound business investment. This data sheet tells you how to maximize your investment by utilizing Fike’s complete range of Explosion Protection System Service Options. Contact your local Fike representative or a sales manager in your area for further questions.