• Why Risk A Dust Explosion

    Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

Data Sheet

  • Insertion Tool FUX Detector

    FUX single-hole disk mounting and insertion tool single-hole

  • Fire detection and extinguishing control panel

    Fire detection and extinguishing control panel FMZ 4100 GAB 6

  • Spark detectors FUX 3001

    Spark detectors FUX 3001 fibre optics, single-hole mounting

  • Spark test card (FTX)

    Minimax factory standard

  • Spark test light FTX 3000

    Fibre optics with welded socket

  • Spark test termination card

    Application: - connection of spark test zones - connection to a building management system with the fieldbus interface card (FB-IF)

Application Profiles

  • Fire protection solution for silos and bunkers

    When wood-based panels are manufactured, highly combustible material is generated during the production process and is transported to enclosed silos or bunkers.