• LIOS DE.TECT Fire Detection

    The line sensor is based on optical waveguides, which are immune to electromagnetic disturbances. Based on years of experience within the field of fibre-optic measuring techniques as well as the input of research partners and customers, multiple characteristics were added to offer reliable and adaptable measurement features for local linear heat detection profiles.

  • Specialists in Tunnel Fire Detection

    Underground transport facilities are sensitive links in the economic chain that carry thousands of people and tons of goods every day and they are increasingly more important to society.

Data Sheet

  • Fibre Optical Linear Heat Detection

    LIOS DE.TECT is the state of the art fire detection system to provide optimum safety for fire detection in tunnels and other special hazard areas due to its ability to cope with extreme environmental conditions.

  • Lios - Sensor Cable Ultrafast Response HT, 3mm

    Ultrafast Response cable is constructed of a stainless steel tube including one multimode fibre. The cable is coated with polyimide and is reinforced with stranded stainless steel wires for high temperature applications.


  • VDS Certificate - Lios Technology GmbH

    in Automatic Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems