• 60V054-02 LIST Sensor Cable System

    LIST Sensor Cable System is a reliable and perfected system to analyse temperature data with unique specifcations.

  • 60V106-01 Line Type Heat Detector Info

    Õ-LIST Sensor Cable System is a reliable and perfected system to analyse temperature data with unique specifications.

  • 60V031-01 Listec® Linear Fire Detection

    LIST In Tunnels

  • 60V032-01 Listec® Linear Fire Detection - Targeting Heat

    LIST sensor cable SEC15 Technology with LIST Electronic sensor cable with addressable sensors for temperature measurement with a 0.1°C resolution. Central evaluation by the controller SCU 800.

  • 60v139-01 Marine Brochure

    The linear heat detector Class A1 (EN 54-5) from LISTEC is a customized tailor-made solution suitable for indoor and outdoor environment, with benefits for ship-owners, crew on board, shipyards, installation & integration companies.

  • Specialists in Tunnel Fire Detection

    Underground transport facilities are sensitive links in the economic chain that carry thousands of people and tons of goods every day and they are increasingly more important to society.

Data Sheet

  • 60V133-01 LCT20 LIST Cable Tester

    The LIST Cable Tester LCT 20 is a portable equipment for measuring of SEC 20 sensor cable. The LCT 20 has a slim aluminium case and integrated batteries. A special carrying strap will be supplied additionally. For using LCT 20, it has to be connected to a laptop with the measuring software LISTtest via USB interface. LED's on the front show the status of the unit. Due to the integrated batteries it is possible to measure the sensor cable before and during the mounting on the construction site. Therefore all sensors can be tested including the temperature values of all active sensors.

  • 60V156-01 Ex External Sensor

    The stainless steel casing contains the semiconductor temperature sensor and a fuse to limit the maximum short circuit current. Sensor and connection cable are both glued into the casing, therefore sealing the entire assembly hermetically.

  • DMU 6012 Data Management Unit

    The Data Management Unit DMU 6012 is a data-logging and visualisation system, which logs temperature values and messages from a LIST sensor cable system periodically and displays this information in various graphical forms.

  • ES External Temperature Sensor

    The aluminium or stainless steel casing contains the semiconductor temperature sensor. The casing can either be rectangular, for direct mounting onto the monitored object, or round, to be used as a probe.

  • External Sensor ESD

    Highly resistant against corrosion, pitting and a multitude of chemicals

  • LISTcontroller SEC and LB

    The LISTcontroller represents the central control and evaluation unit, utilising an ARM9™ embedded processor and two additional distributed processors to continually, quickly, and reliably monitor temperatures

  • RELMOD Relay module

    The relay module is the extension for the LISTcontroller to transmit alarms and fault reports via dry contacts. Digital switch conditions can be read additionally from external sources. The module consists of 16 relays, which could be used as normally open or as normally closed contacts. Eight inputs via opto-couplers allow the remote activation of alarm simulation, revision mode and further processes. Up to 16 relay modules can be connected to one LISTcontroller. Each module is addressed individually via a rotary switch.

  • SCU 800 d-LIST Control Unit

    The sensor control unit SCU 800 is the central supervisory element which provides up to two d-LIST sensor cables with power, performs the cyclic addressing of the connected sensors every 10 seconds, acquires the temperature values measured by each sensor and evaluates the data with reference to various criteria.

  • Sensor Cable SEC 15

    Complete encapsulation to protect sensors from environmental influences

  • Sensor Cable SEC 20

    Complete encapsulation to protect sensors from environmental influences

  • Sensor Control Unit SCU 800

    Evaluation of temperatures measured by sensor cables SEC 15 and/or external sensors ESD