Data Sheet

  • Enviro Class A

    Fomtec Enviro Class A is a specially selected blend of high activity hydrocarbon surfactants, selected for their enviornmental profile, solvents and stabilizers for use on class A fuel fires and smaller class B Fires.

  • LS xMax

    Fomtec Ls XMax is a new generation of high performing, multi-purpose foam cencentrate.

  • MB-20

    Fomtecd MB-20 is a blend of high activity, synthetic, fatty alcohol sulphates, solvents and stabilisers.

Application Guides

  • Use & Benefit of Class "A" Foam Concentrate In Water

    Class “A” foam concentrate was developed in 1984 in order to more efficiently fight Class “A” fires. The purpose of Class “A” concentrate is to allow water to create a foam blanket on a burning Class “A” fuel and keep it there where plain water beads up and runs off. The water/foam blanket smothers the fire by not allowing air (oxygen) to access the fuel and lowers the fuel temperature to below its ignition point. The use of Class “A” concentrate allows a fire fighter to use far less water than would normally be needed to extinguish the same fire.

Fact Sheet

  • Foam Terminology

    Dictionary of terms

  • General Foam Information

    For years, foam has been used as a fireextinguishing medium for flammable and combustible liquids. Unlike other extinguishing agents - water, dry chemical, CO2, etc., a stable aqueous foam can extinguish a flammable or combustible liquid fire by the combined mechanisms of cooling, separating the flame/ignition source from the product surface, suppressing vapors and smothering.

  • Technical Bulletin Foam Products & the Environment

    Because of the potential for broad-scale release of fire fighting foams into the environment and the large volumes of surfactants used worldwide, the environmental fate of these products is an important consideration in choosing an agent, and in determining proper disposal and/or treatment of residue.


  • Enviro Class A

    Enviro Class A Safety Data Sheet

  • LS xMax

    LS xMax Safety Data Sheet

  • MB-20

    MB-20 Safety Data Sheet