• Compressed Air Foam Fire Suppression

    ACAF® Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are proven to effectively suppress flammable liquid fires in commercial, industrial and hazardous environments.

Data Sheet

  • ACAF 60 Gallon Fire Fighting Unit

    Designed for applications that demand dependable fire fighting equipment for Class A and Class B fires. This quick response compressed air foam fire hose unit will produce CAF quickly and efficiently.

  • Crossfire Compressed Air Foam Vehicle Protection System

    Fires have the potential to occur in just about every type of vehicle engine compartment ranging from a below engine pool fire to a pressurised hydraulic line spray fire or combination thereof.

  • Pre-Engineered Compressed Air Foam Systems for Electrical Transformer Protection

    Protection of electrical transformers often requires large volumes of water, expensive water tanks and high capacity pumps, which all combine to make a medium or high velocity deluge protection system an expensive option.