• B9083 FM-200 Clean Agent (GCA)

    Imagine your company’s valuable data, equipment and systems lost to fire. It happens every day somewhere in the world and it’s devastating. Even one day lost to fire-related downtime can mean lost revenues, customers and profits.

  • B9125 FM-200 Clean Agent (Impulse Valve)

    The most trusted fire suppression systems on the market.

  • S1024 Impulse Valve

    Fike is a leader in clean agent fire suppression systems. Known worldwide for high quality and dependable systems, Fike continues to look for ways to improve the technology and effectiveness of all its safety products. Now, Fike expands its clean agent offering with the addition of Impulse Technology to its FM-200® fire suppression products.

Data Sheet

  • C.1.38.01 - Selector Valves

    Selector Valves allow a single agent supply to be utilised for protection of multiple hazards, reducing the total amount of agent required.

  • C.2.14.01 - Caution Advisory Signs

    Instructional signs must be supplied in order to provide a system in which the function of all devices is easy to understand. Fike offers several different “Standard” signs to comply with N.F.P.A. and other industry requirements. The following signs are applicable and utilised in the United Kingdom market.

  • IV.1.01.01 - Impulse DuPont FM-200 or HFC-227ea Agent Storage Containers

    Fike Clean Agent Containers are used in fire extinguishing systems to store the Clean Agent until a fire develops and the agent must be released. The Clean Agent is retained in the container by a Impulse Valve assembly which contains a fast-acting rupture disc. The disc will be ruptured, and the Clean Agent released, through the operation of an actuator by an electric signal that is automatically, manually or pneumatically controlled.

  • IV.1.02.01 - Impulse HFC-227ea Clean Agent

    HFC-227ea provides superior fire protection in a wide range of applications from sensitive electrical equipment to industrial applications using flammable liquids. HFC-227ea is ideal for applications where clean-up of other media presents a problem, where weight versus suppression potential is a factor, where an electrically non-conductive medium is needed and where people compatibility is an overriding factor. When environmental impact is a consideration, HFC-227ea is particularly useful. It has zero ozone depleting potential, low global warming potential and a short atmospheric lifetime. These characteristics make it suitable not only for new installations using Fike’s total flooding systems, but also for Halon 1301 replacement applications.

  • IV.1.03.01 - Impulse HFC-227ea Engineered Nozzles

    The function of the Fike discharge nozzle is to control the agent flow and distribute the agent throughout the protected enclosure in a uniform, predetermined pattern and concentration. Nozzles are made of aluminum and is anodized with a dull gray finish to prevent corrosion.

  • IV.1.04.01 - Impulse HFC-227ea Instructional Signs

    Instructional signs are used to provide the necessary information to personnel in the area and to comply with NFPA 2001 requirements. The caution lettering and backgrounds meet the requirements of ANSI Z535. The sign are made from flame retardant, Lexan™ polycarbonate material. Each sign has an adhesive backing mounting purposes. These signs are an optional item and must be ordered separately.

  • IV.1.09.01 - Impulse Valve Operator Kit (IVO)

    The Impulse Valve Operator (IVO) provides means to electrically or manually activate the Fike Impulse Valve clean agent container by providing the force required to extend a piston that will open the rupture disc, allowing the agent to be released from the container.

  • IV.1.10.01 - Impulse Valve Pneumatic Operator Kit (IVPO)

    The Impulse Valve Pneumatic Operator (IVPO) provides the means to pneumatically activate the Fike Impulse Valve clean agent container by providing the force required to extend a piston that will open the rupture disc, allowing the agent to be released from the container.

  • IV.1.11.01 - Impulse Check Valve

    Check Valves are used to prevent agent loss from the open end of a manifold and/or piping system in the event that one or more containers are removed for servicing / maintenance.

  • IV.1.12.01 - Impulse Discharge Pressure Switch

    Discharge Pressure Switch (DPS) is used to provide a positive pneumatic confirmation to the control system that the Fike Fire Suppression system has been discharged.

  • IV.1.13.01 - Impulse Low Pressure Switch

    Fike offers an optional Low Pressure Switch (LPS) for the purpose of continuously monitoring the container pressure for a low-pressure condition.

  • IV.1.14.01 - Impulse Valve

    The 1” and 3” Impulse Valves are a rupture disc (metal diaphragm), pressure operated device that allows the agent to be released from the container and into the protected enclosure via the associated piping network and discharge nozzle(s).

  • IV.1.18.01 - Impulse Mounting Straps & Brackets

    Mounting Straps / Brackets are used to secure containers to a wall or other suitable mounting surface.These devices are supplied with each container purchased in accordance with the information shown below.

  • IV.1.19.01 - Impulse Pipes & Fittings

    Pipe and fittings used in Clean Agent System piping network must conform to the requirements as outlined in NFPA 2001, latest edition.

  • IV.1.20.01 - Impulse LLi

    The Liquid Level Indicator (LLi) provides a means of verifying the weight of agent in a container without having to remove the container and weigh it on a calibrated scale.

Application Profiles

  • CAAP 009 - Flammable Liquid Storage

    Flammable liquid storage facilities are in many industrial and chemical plants as well as production facilities that use flammable liquids in various processes. These facilities store the flammable liquids used in processes such as painting, lubrication, fuel, and oil in areas called “Flammable Liquid Storage Areas”. These areas are segregated due to the special and careful handling required when using the flammable liquid.

  • FSAP 001 - Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Design for Data Centers

    Due to concerns over more efficient cooling of equipment and the need to reduce operating costs, today’s data centers are going through an efficiency evolution. Often changes include Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle Configurations, Aisle Containment Curtains, Hot Aisle Containment, and Cold Aisle Containment.


  • Impulse FM Approval Certificate - FM-200

    Certificate of compliance fixed extinguishing systems, clean agent extinguishing systems.

  • Impulse UL Listing Letter

    UL's investigation of your product(s) has been completed under the above Reference Number and the product was determined to comply with the applicable requirements.


  • Cartridge Power Device (GCA)

    Cartridge Power Device GCA Safety Data Sheet

  • HFC-227

    HFC-27 Safety Data Sheet

  • Nitrogen

    Nitrogen Safety Data Sheet