• High-X 100 SHX & SHX-DuFlowPressure Relief Vents Certification of Compliance

    The unique design of the High-X 100 Range and especially the SHX-DuFlowvent has Patent Pending design protection around the world.

  • Horizontal or Vertical High X-100 Pressure Relief Vents

    The New HIGH-X 100 SHX offers the ability to be wall mounted of ceiling mounted. This gives the designer greater flexibility when considering pressure venting routes.

  • The Next Generation High-X 100 Pressure Relief Vents

    In 2008 we undertook the development of a pressure venting test protocol using a series for live gas discharge tests with Inert Gases and Chemical Clean Agents to set the standard for pressure venting performance. These tests were witnessed and verified by the world renowned UK Building Research Establishment (BRE). This work also lead to a major improvement  in venting calculation formulas using our Dynamic Co-efficient. Which is the first and lowest world wide.

  • The Worlds First Dynamic Weather Louvre

    The New HIGH-X 100 Dynamic Weather louvre was developed to provide 90% free vent area (FVA) when open. To complement our SHX pressure vent when fitted to an external wall our Dynamic Weather wont restrict the free vent area of the pressure vents 85% FVA

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    The new Revised AFP Motorised Blast Vent utilises all of the tried and tested features of the SHX UN series of low to high pressure relief vents with the ability to motor the blades open for either ventilation or for multi room cascade venting applications along with offering full pressure relief when in the closed position.

  • SHX Vent Size Table

    SHX Vent Universal Dimension Chart