• N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System

    Introducing the N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System for Dry & Pre-action Fire Protection Systems. Designed & Manufactured by South-Tek Systems, the leader in Nitrogen Generation Technology.

  • N2-Blast® Product Guide

    The N2-Blast® generates and introduces 98%+ pure Nitrogen into the Dry or Pre-action Fire Protection System. In doing so, Oxygen, a key contributor to the corrosion reaction, is displaced from the piping through the AutoPurge System™.

Data Sheet

  • Air Bypass Tamper Alarm

    Studies show that 98% pure Nitrogen can reduce sprinkler pipe corrosion by up to 93%.  Although a Nitrogen generator ensures a continuous supply of Nitrogen, it does not guarantee Nitrogen is always entering the sprinkler piping.

  • AutoPurge System

    South-Tek designed the tunable AutoPurge System™ to adjust to the exact capacity of each individual Fire Protection System (FPS). This ensures that compressed air is displaced by 98% or greater Nitrogen purity within 2 weeks.

  • Leak Detection System

    South-Tek developed the Patent Pending BlastOff™ - Leak Detection System to proactively ensure the longevity of not only the Fire Protection System, but the Nitrogen Generation System itself.

  • PowerSaver Manifold

    The Quick-Check® - PowerSaver Manifold option brings all of South-Tek’s Patent Pending features together into one central location. Each AutoPurge System™ can be connected to the PowerSaver Manifold with 1/4” plenum-rated tubing.