• FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist System

    FOGTEC systems use pure water, converting it to fine mist at a pressure of 60 to 200 bar

  • High pressure water mist systems is the smarter way of fire fighting and protecting beautiful architecture in heritage and modern buildings 

  • Specialists in Tunnel Fire Detection

    Underground transport facilities are sensitive links in the economic chain that carry thousands of people and tons of goods every day and they are increasingly more important to society.

  • Water Mist Fire Protection Systems for Rolling Stock

    High pressure water mist systems are an effective and efficient way of extinguishing fires in engine bays and passenger compartments of rail vehicles.

Data Sheet

  • FOGTEC Nozzles

    Special water mist nozzles are at the heart of every FOGTEC system.

  • FOGTEC Pumps & Configurations

    FOGTEC pump systems operate at a pressure of 80, 120 and 140 bar.

  • FOGTEC Water Tanks

    All FOGTEC pump systems require a break or volume tnak to manage water quality and to ensure that a head of water is always present when pumps are running, to avoid pump cavitation.

Application Profiles

  • Computer Rooms and Control Rooms

    Typical application examples include control rooms, server rooms and telecommunication switch areas.

  • IT areas & Control Rooms

    The smarter wat of fire fighting

  • Protection for Industrial Applications

    There are many fire hazards in industry. FOGTEC systems offer a solution for almost all of them.


  • FM Certificate Automatic Nozzles

    FM Approvals - Specification Test Report  

  • FOGTEC Vds Flammable Liquid Approval

    FOGTEC Vds Flammable Liquid Approval

  • Germainscher-Lloyd-MSC-913

    Type Approval Certificate

  • ISO_Certificate

    Design,manufacture and service of water mist and detection systems, consulting in the field of fire protection.

  • Llyoyds-Register-MSC-913

    Certificate of Fire Approval

  • Sprinkler Equivalent Approval

    EC Type Examination Certificate

  • Vds Approval Confirmation Letter

    Confirmation Letter

  • Vds Approval Transformers


  • Vds Certificate OH1

    Approval of Components and Systems


  • Nitrogen

    Nitrogen Safety Data Sheet