A Brief History
Founded in 1999 by Patrick D Harrington,
Fire Protection Technologies’ early goals
were to establish an independent supplier of
special hazard products that could support
the fire protection industry in Australia.
During the early years, Fire Protection
Technologies thrived and in 2004
Ron Cromb joined the company as a Director
and Shareholder. With exponential growth over
the next 4 years, Anthony Stagg also joined the
company in 2008 as a Director and shareholder.
Fire Protection technologies continues to
flourish and now has a presence, with offices
and warehouses, across the Asia Pacific and
is considered to be the leading specialist fire
protection company focusing on unique and
special hazard applications, with expertise in
providing design and engineering solutions.
In September 2019, the Fire Protection
Technologies Group was acquired by Pon
Holdings BV. Pon (www.pon.com) is one of
the largest companies in the Netherlands,
with an annual turnover of more than €7.5
billion and more than 13,000 employees
worldwide. Pon has several hundred sites, in
more than 30 countries and is a diverse group
that has been established for 125+ years
demonstrating an impressive history on making
companies thrive with the support of the group.

The Company

Fire Protection Technologies is the
leading independent supplier of product,
design and engineering services in
Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.
In conjunction with our ‘whole of life’
approach to our product range, technical
support, design and engineering solutions
are available throughout all stages of a
project from development to delivery
and we continue to provide ongoing
support for the life of the product.

Over the 20+ years of industry service our
team understands the requirements of
customer support and can boast 350+ years
combined practical experience in delivery and
engineering of special hazard fire protection.

Being the sole distributor in this region for
some of the world’s largest and technically
advanced product manufacturers, together
with our technical capabilities enables us
to provide the highest quality products
including technical and product support.

Our philosophy “Every solution for your
special hazard problems” drives us to continue
searching the world for the highest quality
products to combine with our existing product
range in order to provide the best possible
solution for your special hazard problems
to protect people, property and business
continuity from the hazards of fire and explosion.

Our Profile

A specialist fire protection company
focused on the protection of unique
and special hazard applications and
fire risks. With our extensive expertise
in providing design and engineering
solutions we strive to provide the
right solution for any given hazard.

Fire Protection Technologies have
developed partnerships with leading
manufacturers around the world who
manufacture the highest quality products.

Our aim is to provide design driven solutions
and to educate our customers on their options
including advantages and disadvantages
regarding our products and systems.
Enabling our customer to make an informed
decision on what product fulfills their needs.

Technical support, design and engineering
assistance will be available for the life of the
product. Our staff and product managers regularly
attend product training with all our manufactures,
enabling us to maintain the highest level of upto-
date local support and technical assistance.

We provide local product training and education
for consulting engineers, contractors, service
technicians and end users. Ensuring that
the highest quality installation, technical
support, design and engineering assistance
is provided during the development,
installation and commissioning of a project.

With expected future growth throughout the
Asia Pacific region Fire Protection Technologies
continues to develop infrastructure to
support all of our customers and their needs.
Fire Protection Technologies already has
established offices and warehouses in
Melbourne (Head Office), Sydney, Brisbane,
Perth, Auckland and Singapore. As well
as dedicated regional managers for South
Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

Our Commitment

To provide our customers with the best
possible service, the highest quality products
and the right solution for your needs.